Humanities Credits

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Humanities Credits

Students are often confused about which courses count as humanities credits toward meeting their degree requirements.
To meet the Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree requirements in the humanities category, a student must complete a minimum of
nine credits of humanities in at least two different areas.
Many of our technical degrees require a humanities elective. You may choose any one of the humanities courses to meet this requirement.
If you have any questions about humanities credits, please contact the Dean of Students Office. We will be happy to assist you.
Humanities Course Options
HST 101 – History of Western Civilization to 1750
HST 102 – History of Western Civilization 1750 to Present
HST 103 – History of World Civilization to 1650
HST 104 – History of World Civilization from 1450
ENG 201 - English Literature (Beginnings to 18th Century)
ENG 202 - English Literature (18th, 19th and 20th Centuries)
ENG 211 - American Literature (1600-1860)
ENG 212 - American Literature (1860 to Present)
ENG 221 - Introduction to Literature
ENG 222 - Special Topics in Literature
ENG 223 - Modern Literature
ENG 224 - Women in Literature
ENG 225 - Mythology
ENG 226 - Contemporary World Literature
ENG 227 - The Bible as Literature
ENG 228 - The Literature of Fantasy and Science Fiction
ENG 230 – Literature for Children
ENG 236 - Literature & Folklore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
ENG 240 - Creative Writing
ENG 244 – Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG 245 – Creative Nonfiction
ENG 246 – Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 260 – Reading American Popular Culture
*Please note that some of these ENG courses require a prerequisite of placement by Compass or ACT/SAT score into ENG
101 or permission of the instructor.
PHI 105 - Critical Thinking and Ethics
PHI 201 - Introduction to Philosophy
MUS 102 - Music Appreciation
MUS 125 – Music Through The Generations
ART 220 - Art Appreciation
ART 221 - Art History
DRA 101 - Introduction to Theater
DRA 102 - Introduction to the Art of the Movie
DRA 202 - Film Appreciation
DRA 230 - History of the Theater
HUM 201 – Humanities in the Western World 1400 To Present

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