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borrower that GCC had credited the student’s account. The
student’s enrollment status for at least six credits as well as their
academic standing and loan default status is also checked prior to
disbursement. Loan checks for students only attending one
semester will be disbursed in two separate payments. A student
loan cannot be certified after the student is no longer enrolled.
Students are also able to purchase books online using the credit
balance on their accounts. The students can choose to have their
books shipped (a shipping fee will be applied) to them or pick up the
books in the GCC Bookstore.
College Work-Study – College work-study cannot be used to
waive tuition/fee and bookstore charges. It is to be used for living
expenses. Students with a college work-study award will be
assigned a job on the campus of GCC and will receive a paycheck
once a month. The students will be paid on the 10th of each month
for work performed during the prior month. Students will be
required to complete a monthly timesheet that will be submitted
to the Financial Aid Office by their supervisors on the last day of
the month.
There are specific timeframes in which students are able to charge in
the GCC Bookstore. Students can begin charging to their accounts the
first week in August for the fall semester. The begin date for charging
for the spring semester is the first week in January.
Expense Checks – A student may receive a check for living
expenses if there is a credit balance remaining on their account
after all direct school charges have been deducted. The Financial
Aid Office will officially disburse all funds to the student
accounts on the 31st day of the semester. (Prior to this date, the
amounts have been estimated.) Expense checks will be disbursed
to the students the sixth week of classes.
Financial Aid Bookstore Purchasing Policy
All registered students are allowed to charge textbooks and
supplies in the GCC Bookstore if the students have financial aid
remaining after tuition, fees and housing (if staying in campus
housing) have been deducted. These funds should only be used
to purchase books and supplies required for the classes the student
is enrolled in. These funds are NOT to be used to purchase
multiple copies of the same textbook during a single semester.
Financial aid funds are intended for purchases made by the
student, for the student, and should never be used to purchase
textbooks or supplies for other students, staff or faculty members.
Deadline Dates
The deadline date for bookstore charging is the second Friday of the
semester. There will be no bookstore charging after these dates.
Purchases after these dates need to be made with the student’s
financial aid refund checks, if applicable, or their own personal

The financial aid proposal lists all of the financial aid a student
is eligible to receive at GCC. This proposal should be
reviewed as soon as it is received. It is not necessary to return
the award proposal. It is for the student’s information only.
Students are required to contact the GCC Financial Aid Office
if they want to decline their college work-study or student loan
and/or they receive other financial aid not listed on the
financial aid proposal. A revised award will be calculated after
these changes have been submitted. Students can view all of
their financial aid and account information online at
gogebic.edu under My GCC.

If a student believes they are eligible for a type of financial
aid not listed on the financial aid proposal, the student needs
to call the GCC Financial Aid Office. There may be other
requirements needed to be fulfilled or GCC may not have
received notification from various funding sources of the
student’s eligibility. GCC awards the student all the aid that
they were eligible to receive as of the date on the financial aid

The financial aid proposal is an estimate subject to revisions
due to changes in the student’s enrollment, correction of errors
and omissions, adjustments because of false or misleading
student information, receipt of outside scholarships, grants
and loans, conflicting information, changes in the availability
of funding, failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress
and the requirements of state and federal law and institutional

If after the student considers their resources and expenses and
they believe additional assistance will be necessary for them
to attend GCC, they may want to inquire about additional loan
options such as alternative loans, parent loans or Federal
Direct loans (if not already received). The student should call
the GCC Financial Aid Office for further information
regarding these loan procedures.

An estimate of tuition/fee and book/supply costs is listed in
the financial aid proposal. For a full-time student, this
estimate is based on the student enrolling in 16 credits per
Allowable Purchases
Allowable purchases can include

textbooks and supplies,

one book bag per academic year,

software required for classes,

one computer or tablet every three years,

one printer every three years,

required uniforms,

required tools, and

one calculator per academic year.
Items not approved for purchase with financial aid funds include,
but are not limited to, apparel, food, candy, beverages, gift items
and prepaid cards.
Procedures for Purchasing Books
Students must
1. register for classes and have a credit balance on their
student account,
2. present a photo ID to the cashier at the time of
checkout, and
3. sign the bookstore authorization receipt.


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