Intercollegiate Sports and Financial Aid

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Intercollegiate Sports and Financial Aid competitions live. The Arena boasts high power gaming PCs for

our team. Many of our matches are also streamed online.

Gogebic is recruiting and selecting student players based on their

gaming skills and their academic records. Team members must be

enrolled full-time and meet Gogebic’s academic requirements.

GCC’s eSport program fosters team building, effective

communication and critical thinking in nontraditional ways.

These important skills are in high demand by employers and part

of GCC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes.


Gogebic Community College is a member of the National

Junior College Athletic Association and Region XIII. The

intercollegiate athletic program provides intercollegiate

competition for students in women’s and men’s basketball,

women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s cross country. The

college competes with other two- year colleges in Northern

Wisconsin and Minnesota as well as scheduling some events with

four-year colleges and universities.

Students who participate in varsity athletics must meet

NJCAA eligibility requirements;


Students must maintain enrollment in 12 or more

credit hours of college level work during each semester of athletic



Prior to the second full-time semester, a student must

have passed 12 credit hours with a 1.75 GPA or higher.


Prior to the third full-time semester and all subsequent

semesters thereafter, a student must satisfy one of the following

two requirements to be eligible for the upcoming semester;

a) pass a minimum of 12 credit hours with a GPA of

1.75 or higher during the previous semester of full-time



b) pass an accumulation of credit hours equal to 12

multiplied by the number of semesters in which the student was

previously enrolled full-time with a GPA of 1.75 or higher.


Prior to the second season of participation, students

must pass a minimum accumulation of 24 credit hours with a 2.0

GPA or higher.


Additional details on NJCAA eligibility rules are

available from the Athletic Director.

An athlete is allowed two years of competition in community

college. If graduated at the end of two years, an athlete may

transfer to most colleges and universities and be eligible

immediately. Competition in a community college does not

jeopardize future eligibility in a four year college or university.

Students who wish to compete in intercollegiate athletics should

contact the Athletic Director.


Gogebic Community College assists students who would not otherwise

be able to pursue their educational goals through its comprehensive

financial aid program. To help qualified students meet their

educational costs, GCC has developed an extensive and equitable

program of financial assistance including scholarships, grants, tuition

waivers, work-study, and student loans. Approximately 70% of GCC

students benefit from one or more of these financial aid opportunities.

The basic premise of financial aid is the student and the parents are the

primary source of funds for postsecondary education and are expected

to help provide for their own educational costs, whether the costs are

electricity, fuel, child care, food, or tuition. Financial aid supplements,

not supplants, the family income. Although few families can afford to

pay all college expenses out of current salaries or savings, they are

expected to provide for a certain amount of the student’s expenses as

determined by financial need analysis. When the parent and student

obligations have been met, the college, community, and/or government

will attempt to provide additional funding through financial aid

resources if any shortfall (financial need) exists.

All institutional and financial aid information for students can be

obtained by contacting the Director of Financial Aid, Room T104, 906932-4231, ext. 208 or the Dean of Students, Room T108, 906-9324231, ext. 212.



GCC is required, on an annual basis, to provide to all enrolled students

a list of financial aid information that is available to them. GCC will

provide a paper copy to any student upon request. The information may

be obtained by contacting Sue Forbes, Director of Financial Aid, at

906-307-1208 or by e-mail address at A list of the

information is described below:

all institutional student financial assistance programs

available to students at GCC,

the methods by which financial assistance is distributed

among student recipients,

all forms that are required for students to apply for financial


the rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial


the cost of attending GCC which include tuition/fees,

books/supplies, travel, estimates of typical student room and

board costs and any additional cost of the program in which

the student is enrolled or expresses a specific interest,

the terms and conditions of Title IV, HEA loans,

the criteria for selecting recipients and for determining the

amount of awards,

the eligibility requirements and procedures for applying for

financial aid,

the method and frequency of disbursements of financial aid,

the standards for satisfactory academic progress,

the criteria for continued student eligibility,

the GCC Bookstore purchasing policy,

the terms of any loan received as part of the financial aid

package, sample loan repayment schedule, and the necessity

for repaying loans,

23NJCAA Intercollegiate Athletics


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