Student Conduct, Protection and Discipline.

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Student Conduct, Protection and Discipline. STUDENT CONDUCT AND



Enrollment in Gogebic Community College carries with it

obligations of conduct. The responsibility for maintaining

good conduct rests upon each individual student, and it is

expected that students will perform in a manner that is a credit to

themselves and to the college. Students are responsible for

familiarizing themselves with the rules and regulations of the

college and observing the standards of conduct set by the college.

Whenever a student acts in such a manner th a t gives

college officials reasonable cause to believe that the student

presents a danger to himself, to others, or to college property, or

if a student’s activities adversely affect any legitimate college

interest, that student shall be liable to disciplinary action

and possible suspension or dismissal from college.

The college expects that each student will abide by the

regulations governing student conduct. General policies and

standards relating to conduct which all students are expected to

respect and adhere to are covered in more detail in the Student

Handbook. While the handbook and this catalog state some of

the general regulations, such statements cannot be all inclusive,

and individual student conduct violations may need to be

determined on a case-by-case basis within the scope of the

conduct policy.



1. A first semester freshman will be placed on probation if

s/he achieves a Grade Point Average less than 1.6 at the end

of the semester, he/she may be suspended if his/her GPA is less

than 1.0 at the end of the semester.

2. A second semester freshman will be placed on academic

probation if his/her cumulative GPA at the end of the second

semester is less than 1.75; s/he may be suspended if his/her GPA

is less than 1.25 for the semester.


A third semester student will be placed on academic

probation if his/her cumulative GPA at the end of the semester

is less than 1.8; s/he may be suspended if his/her GPA is less

than 1.5 for the semester.

4. A fourth semester student will be placed on academic

probation if his/her cumulative GPA at the end of the semester

is less than 2.0; s/he may be suspended if his/her GPA is less

than 1.75 for the semester.

5. A student in his/her fifth semester may be suspended if

his/her cumulative or semester GPA is less than 2.0.

Students who are on probation should:


Consider reducing study loads.


Avoid extensive participation in extracurricular

activities and outside employment responsibilities.


Reappraise study schedules and habits.


Confer regularly with their advisors, Student Services

professionals, instructors, and deans.


Consider repeating work in which grades are



Consider seeking tutorial assistance (through the

ACES Center).




It is the policy of Gogebic Community College that no employee,

staff member, or student shall be subject to sexual harassment while

on college premises or in connection with or related to his/her

education or employment at Gogebic. Sexual harassment has

absolutely no place in an academic environment and will not be

tolerated by the college.

Any employee, staff member, or student engaging in such

prohibited activity shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and

including termination from this institution, as determined by

administrative or Board action.

This policy applies to acts of sexual harassment of any member of

one sex against a member of the opposite, or the same sex, at all levels

of the college community.

For additional information, contact the Dean of Students.



Gogebic Community College has established procedures in

accordance with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health

Administration (OSHA) Standard (29CFR1910.1030) regarding blood

in the work site. The purpose of this standard is



occupational exposure to blood and other potentially disabling

infectious materials, and applies to all employees. The full Exposure

Control Plan is available for review in the college library. The format

for the standards includes staff training and practice of universal

precautions, emphasizing engineering and work practice controls. For

additional information, contact the Dean of Business Services.

NOTE: Since Gogebic Community College has chosen to provide a

clean-air environment, smoking is not permitted within 50 feet of

any campus buildings.


Under the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

Amendments of 1989, Gogebic Community College has adopted and

implemented policies that promote a drug and alcohol-free campus.

Policy information is printed and distributed annually to all members

of the college community. Students should be aware that in addition

to the serious health, legal, and personal problems associated with

the illicit use or abuse of alcohol and other drugs, there can be College

disciplinary actions as well. Sanctions for violation of the law and/or

College policy can include suspension or dismissal from the

College. Confidential referral assistance is available for addressing

difficulties related to alcohol and other drugs. For more information,

please contact the Career Center.

See the Student Handbook on the GCC website for a complete list of



Under Section 103 of the Student Right to Know and Campus

Security Act, colleges are required to disclose completion and

graduation rates to students entering the institution. GCC collects this

information. Data is collected from the group experience of new, fulltime students (with no prior college enrollment) who enter during

the fall semester and are pursuing a certificate or degree.



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