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Graduation Information information not be released by Gogebic Community


The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department

of Education concerning alleged failures by Gogebic

Community College to comply with the requirements


For additional information, technical assistance, questions,

concerns, or should a student wish to file a complaint with

Gogebic Community College, a student may contact:

Dean of Student Services

Room T108 (906) 932-4231 ext. 212


To help improve the instruction offered at Gogebic

Community College and to meet the requirements of the Carl D.

Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act, Section 113,

and the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Section 112, your

social security number will be used to compile summary reports.

Section 113 of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical

Education Act, 20 USC 2323, and section 122 of the

Workforce Investment Act of 1998, 29 USC 2842, requires

Gogebic Community College and the State of Michigan to assess

the effectiveness of vocational and technical education programs

aimed at training, placement and retention of students in

employment. Although these laws require that performance

reports be compiled based on wage record information, neither

law requires students to give their social security numbers (SSN)

to the College.

Your SSN will be used to gain access to your individual

wage record and compile required WIA and Perkins Act reports.

These reports will assist the College to improve vocational and

technical education programs. By improving programs, the

College will be better able to serve both employers and

employees. Your wage record information is confidentially

maintained, based on your SSN, by the State of Michigan.

Neither the College nor the State of Michigan will disclose

your SSN or wage record data to any person or entity unless

legally permitted to do so. Any personally identifying wage

record data will be destroyed by the College as soon as all

required statistical analyses has been performed, or when the

information is no longer needed, which ever date comes first.

You may choose to notify Gogebic Community College that

you do not wish to have your social security number used for

the purposes described in this notice.


Official transcripts of a student’s academic record will be

sent to properly authorized individuals or organizations with

valid written request from the student. Students may obtain a

Transcript Request Form in the Dean of Students Office or on

the college website at, under Alumni and Friends.

A fee of $5 is charged for each transcript issued. Currently

enrolled students are exempt from the fee.

Transcripts received by the college are part of the student’s

official record and cannot be returned or re-released.


Demographic student information may be published or

released unless a student informs the Registrar’s Office in

writing before the first day of classes of the fall semester that

any or all items should not be released without prior consent

of the student. The request to withhold directory information is


valid for one academic year. Directory information includes the

student’s name, address, telephone listings, major field of study,

and any other categories defined as “directory information” in

current Board policy.



Students may graduate from Gogebic Community College with

either an associate degree or a certificate of completion. Students

ready to graduate must file an Application for Graduation in the Dean

of Students Office at the beginning of the semester in which they

anticipate meeting all degree requirements.

A formal graduation ceremony is held in May. All students

graduating at any time in an academic year are eligible to

participate in the graduation ceremony. Graduation apparel consists

of cap and gown and is provided free of charge. Cap and gown orders

must be placed in the Admissions Office no later than April 1.


Degree requirements are listed at the beginning of the

INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS section of this catalog. Please see

page 38.

Students who graduate from Gogebic Community College, and

plan to continue taking classes following graduation, need to

complete a program/major change form in the admissions office to

update their intent and program of study. If not completed by the first

day of the semester following graduation, their program of study will

be updated to ‘personal enrichment’ which could have financial aid




Each semester, a Dean’s List is issued and published listing all fulltime students who have earned a 3.5 average or higher semester GPA.


Special recognition at graduation will be given to students under the

following conditions:


Students completing graduation requirements at Gogebic

Community College with a 3.75 cumulative GPA or better will

graduate with High Honors.


Students completing graduation requirements at Gogebic

Community College with a 3.5 to 3.74 cumulative GPA will graduate

with Honors.

Honor point averages for those students transferring to Gogebic

Community College from other colleges or universities are

determined by only those grades earned at Gogebic Community


While recognition at the commencement ceremony will be based

upon cumulative grades prior to the final grading period, all

grades earned at GCC will be included in the final determination of

honors status to be recorded in the student’s permanent record.


Please see the description of this honor society under the

STUDENT ORGANIZATION section of this catalog.


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