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 which cover the content of college courses. Gogebic Community

College cooperates with the advanced placement program and

awards credit for all advanced placement courses (CLEP and AP)

passed. Courses are entered on the transcript, and students are

credited with the appropriate credit hours. Since no letter grade is

entered, the credits are not calculated as part of the GPA. The CLEP

and AP examinations may be taken at any authorized testing center.

The student must specify that the results of the tests be sent to

Gogebic Community College (code number 1250).


Regularly enrolled students may, in some subject areas, be

able to earn credit for a course offered by the college through

successful completion of a comprehensive examination or series

of examinations. Students who believe they have mastered a

course through life experience, past training, or intelligence may,

at the discretion of the Division Chairperson, instructor, and

advisor, make application through the Dean of Students Office to

take the examination if one has been developed in that subject

area. An examination fee of $15 per credit is charged prior to the

time of examination, and on the recommendation of the Division

Chairperson and instructor, credit will be entered on the student’s

transcript. Special agreements are also in place with Intermediate

School Districts creating alternate Credit by Examination



This policy assists the student whose grade point average from

some prior period is significantly lower than the work the student

has completed in current semesters, and because of this, the

cumulative grade point average is not representative of the

student’s capabilities.

A student may complete a petition in the Dean of Student’s

office and must meet a series of conditions.

Upon approval of the student’s petition for grade point reevaluation, all course grades prior to re-enrollment will be

removed from the calculation of grade point average (GPA).

Passing credits may be carried forward to meet graduation

requirements if current course content has remained

substantially the same as the historical course of record. As part

of the application process, the student must identify any courses

that are to be considered for use in meeting current degree


For additional information, contact the Dean of Student’s



Opportunities for independent study are available

to outstanding students, usually sophomores. Such study must be

arranged by the supervising instructor and approved by the

appropriate Division Chairperson, the Dean of Instruction, and

the Dean of Students. Independent study is designed to provide

an opportunity for students to pursue special or advanced study

under the direction of the faculty. Separate fees may apply.



Every American college and university has certain

general education requirements of its own. The Transfer

Coordinator maintains records of these requirements for

regional schools and can advise the student preparing for

transfer. Information can also be obtained from your faculty


In general, any student who receives an Associate of Arts or an

Associate of Science degree from Gogebic Community College is not

required to pursue further general education requirements at most

four-year colleges and universities in Michigan. Students should

check with the Transfer Coordinator or the transfer university to

determine the effect of any special provisos established by the

university on their transfer process.

Gogebic Community College participates in the Michigan

Transfer Agreement (MTA) and will identify transcripts of students

completing either of these two degrees with the statement, “Michigan

Transfer Agreement Satisfied.”

Gogebic Community College has formed articulation agreements

with a number of colleges and universities. These academic

agreements promote an ease in the transfer process while maximizing

the number of GCC credits accepted in transfer. GCC has established

agreements with the following colleges and universities:

College of St. Scholastica – Duluth, MN

Davenport University – Grand Rapids, MI

Ferris State University – Big Rapids, MI

Finlandia University – Hancock, MI

Franklin University –Columbus, OH

Grand Valley State University – Allendale, MI

Kaplan University - online

Lake Superior State University – Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Michigan Technological University –Houghton, MI

Northern Michigan University – Marquette, MI

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

University of Wisconsin-Superior

Western Governor’s University

Students who are interested in participating in this program or

obtaining any other information on transfer procedures and

agreements may contact the Transfer Coordinator at GCC.



The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of

1974, as amended, ensures confidentiality of educational records,

prescribes conditions under which information about students can be

released and defines general record-keeping requirements that the

institution must maintain to ensure accuracy and access of student

educational data.

Students who are protected under FERPA are those students who

are currently enrolled or formerly enrolled, regardless of their age

or status in regard to parental dependency. Students who have applied

but have not attended the college, and deceased students do not fall

under FERPA guidelines.

FERPA affords students certain rights with respect to their

education records. These rights include:

The right to inspect and review the student’s educational

records within 45 days of the date the College receives a

request for access.

The right to request amendment of any portion of the

student’s education record that the student believes is

inaccurate or misleading.

The right to consent to disclosures of personally

identifiable information contained in the student’s

education record, except to the extent that FERPA

authorizes disclosure without consent.

The right to request that any or all of a student’s directory



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