Cost of Attendance - Academic Regulations

GCC 2018-19 Catalog - Page 18

Cost of Attendance - Academic Regulations COST OF ATTENDANCE

(Subject to change by action of the GCC Board of Trustees)

The Board of Trustees establishes tuition rates. All students

except senior citizens (see page 34 for the senior citizen rate

explanation) will pay the rate as established by the Board of


*Some occupational programs have a differential tuition

charge per credit hour in addition to the regular per credit tuition


Courses offered as CED (continuing education) and some

workshops are offered on a cost plus basis as determined by the

administration and available at the time of registration. All

students, including senior citizens will pay the established rates for

these offerings.


(Subject to change by action of the GCC Board of Trustees)

Institutional Fees - $4 per credit hour (maximum charge

of $60/semester). Courses offered as C.E.D. or workshops (both

credit and non-credit) are exempt from the institutional fee

requirement. Institutional fees help to offset registration costs

and other administrative costs associated with attending college.

Information Technology Fee - $4 per credit hour up to a

maximum of $60.

Laboratory Fees - A schedule of lab fees is posted on the

GCC website.

Internet Course Fee – All internet courses have an additional

fee of $20 each. The fee offsets extra costs associated with

offering courses in this specialized format.

Facility Fee - $4 per credit hour for all students.

Contact Hour Charge – An added tuition charge is assessed

for any course which has instructional contact hours greater than

the credit hour value of a course. The fee for excess contact hours

is currently set at the in-district tuition rate, but is subject to

change as tuition rates change. This rate is set the same for all

students regardless of residency status. The maximum number of

contact hours a student may be charged each semester is set at

three, limiting the current overall contact hour charge.

Example 1. MTH 110 College Algebra is a four credit

course, which typically meets four days a week for one hour of

instruction each day. There are four hours of instructor contact

per week. In this course, the credit value of the course (4) is equal

to the weekly hours of instruction (4). Since the credits equal the

contacts, there is no additional contact hour charge for this course.

Example 2. BIO 101 Principles of Biology I is a four credit

course which meets each week for three hours of lecture and

three hours of lab, for a total of six instructional contact hours per

week. In this course, the credit value of the course (4) is less than

the weekly hours of instruction (6) by two (2) hours. There is a

charge added to the student’s bill for these two extra contact hours.

Student Services Fee - A mandatory Student Services Fee

of $60 per semester is assessed of all students with six or more

credits. This fee helps to pay for services provided to students

outside of the classroom. In addition to standard support services,

it provides access to student activities including the Lindquist

Student Center and skiing/snowboarding at Mt. Zion. Students

enrolled for less than six credits have an option to pay the $60

student services fee to obtain activity privileges.

Transcript Fee - Students may obtain transcripts of their

academic record at GCC by completing a transcript request form in

the Dean of Student’s Office and paying the $5 fee per copy. Current

students are exempt from transcript charges.

Other – Special fees exist for directed studies, independent

studies, credit by examination, and other similar considerations.

- Special charges may be assessed for untimely payment of any

charges at GCC. Please consult the Business Office for details.


Students are responsible for payment of all charges during the

official registration period. Students with scholarships and/or other

forms of financial assistance may generally apply those awards

toward registration charges.

Tuition and fees must be paid in full by the specified payment

date. The college may cancel enrollment and shall withhold

information on academic transcripts for students who fail to meet

financial obligations by specified deadlines.


1. Students who officially drop from class(es) prior to the last day of

the official registration period of the semester enrolled in shall qualify

for a tuition/fee refund of 100%.

No refunds are issued after the last official registration drop date

for the course(s). (Exception: Students attending GCC for the first

time and receiving Title IV federal financial aid who completely

withdraw during the first 60% of an enrollment period will have a

portion of their tuition and fees refunded in accordance with federal


2. Refunds are made to students only after a student completes and

submits a Drop Form to the Dean of Students Office. Failure to

obtain an official release can result in failing grades and loss of

tuition/fee refund privileges in effect at the time of withdrawal.

3. For students receiving approved college financial aid or aid

through other agencies that mandate recovery of financial assistance,

refunds will be in accordance with related requirements. For more

details, refer to the Financial Aid section of the catalog.

4. Classes canceled by the college shall qualify for a 100% refund of

tuition and fees.

5. Appeals concerning the refund policy should be referred to the Dean

of Students Office in writing before the end of the week following the

semester’s end date in which the course is offered. Refunds are not

retroactive to previous semesters.


Payments received for tuition and fees are refundable to veterans in

accordance with the same refund policy stated above.



Punctuality and regular attendance are indispensable to success in

any human endeavor, and class work in college is not an exception.

During the first week of classes, each instructor will announce and

provide in writing the attendance requirements for that class. Each

instructor keeps an accurate attendance record of the students enrolled

in the class and reports excessive absences to the Dean of Students

throughout the semester. Excessive absences incurred by veterans



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