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Registration - Academic Advisement 1. No person is deemed to have gained or lost residence in the

state while a student at any educational institution, public or


2. Under no circumstances may a non-immigrant alien qualify as

a Michigan resident.


Students who are not citizens of the United States of

America will be classified as international.

Residency Status Information

• Time spent at GCC as a student does not count toward the four

(4) consecutive months needed for residency.

• It is the student’s responsibility prior to registration to

inform the Dean of Student’s Office of any change in

residence or status that would affect his/her classification as

a resident.



Degree-Seeking Students







Obtain letter of acceptance to GCC

Complete skills assessment or submit your ACT or SAT

scores to Admissions, if taken within the last three years.

Meet with your student services advisor to choose course

schedule, including ORI 100 course

Register for classes

Attend Orientation Day

Obtain GCC identification card


All freshmen and transfer students who are degree-seeking

are required to complete the GCC academic skills assessment or

submit ACT or SAT scores if taken within the last three (3)

years prior to registering for classes. The assessment, ACT or

SAT helps students to identify their math, algebra, reading and

language usage skill levels. Assessment results are used to match

each student’s skills with the appropriate GCC courses, not to

determine acceptance.


All freshmen and transfer students are REQUIRED to

participate in specified orientation activities. Orientation

sessions provide students with opportunities to:

explore their goals

learn more about the college and its resources

gain an understanding of GCC’s policies, regulations and


Spring and Fall Orientation Days are kick-off sessions for

ORI 100—College Experience.

-ORI 100 is a required course for all degree-seeking students

enrolled in a degree program and attending GCC for the first


-ORI 100 is designed to provide students with learning

experiences to help ensure their educational and professional




The academic advising system at Gogebic Community College

is coordinated through the Dean of Students Office. Guidance

provisions consist of a two-part program at GCC from professional

student services advisors and advisory services from individual

faculty members. Together, these services are designed to assist

students in matters relating to educational and vocational planning,

adjustment to college, study habits and personal or social problems

that may confront students during college attendance.


You will be assigned an advisor after enrolling in a specific program

of study. Your advisor will: (1) assist you prior to and during the

registration process, so that you will enroll in courses relevant to

your educational and vocational plans; (2) be available to assist you

as you develop or revise your educational or vocational plans; (3)

provide consultation for you regarding academic and personal

concerns and make referrals, when necessary, to Student Services

professionals. All official registration activity and changes in class

schedules --additions or drops-- must be approved by your advisor

before official sanction is given by the Dean of Students.


You are expected to assume responsibility for your future by

becoming familiar with the requirements of your selected program of

study. If pursuing a transfer curriculum, you are expected to become

familiar with the requirements of the institution to which you plan to

transfer. Literature and catalogs of many baccalaureate institutions are

available in the Dean of Students Office. It is your responsibility to

know your grade point average and to familiarize yourself with this

college’s catalog and student handbook. Advisors do not always have

ready access to information on all of these matters; therefore, you must

assume responsibility and see the Transfer Coordinator, divisional

heads, or deans about information that cannot be obtained from your



All students must complete regular admission requirements

before they will be permitted to register. Specific information

concerning registration is sent to all currently enrolled students and

incoming freshmen.

As a part of the process of admission, each student is assigned to

an advisor who will assist and advise the student in preparing a class

schedule during formal registration.

Students are also encouraged to confer with advising staff or the

Dean of Students.

The 5th instructional day is the last day current students may

register for regularly scheduled classes during any semester. The 5th

calendar day is the last day a student may drop a course without

penalty and serves as the official count date for courses on the

predominate calendar. Add and drop dates are determined for each

course based upon the course starting date and the length of the


The Dean of Students acts as the registrar. It is the registrar’s duty

to preserve the academic integrity of the institution and to establish

and maintain accurate permanent academic records. The registrar is

also responsible for evaluating the transcripts of transfer students and

the certification of graduation requirements.


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