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Gogebic Community College offers a liberal “open door”

admissions policy. In general, all high school graduates are

considered for admission. Adult students may also be

admitted after successfully passing a high school equivalency

examination (such as the General Education Development


Admission to specific courses and programs of study within

the college will depend upon the student’s preparation and

readiness to succeed as determined by the admissions committee.

The college reserves the right to deny admission to

any applicant who does not meet entrance requirements.



Provide official transcripts of prior education

Provide verification of residency

(driver’s license, state ID or voter’s registration card)

Pay $10 application fee


Applicants for admission must complete an Application for

Admission form and submit the following:

• Official transcript of high school grades, as well as any

previous colleges attended, must be on file before final

admission is granted to a degree or certificate program.

Students taking individual courses for personal

enrichment or upgrade of job skills are exempt from the

transcript requirement.

• A $10 non-refundable application fee will be charged to all

applicants and is a one-time only charge. The application fee

does not guarantee admission to the college. The Dean

of Students may, upon receipt of written request, waive

the application fee for students with financial hardship.

• The MI Department of Education requires proof of

residency for ALL students. Please provide a copy of a

valid driver’s license, voter’s registration card or a state

issued ID.

NOTE: Students registering solely for CED courses (Continuing

Education Courses with a CED course prefix) or workshops

(either credit or non-credit bearing) will not be charged an

application fee for enrollment in those courses. However, if the

student later wishes to enroll in regular college course work,

an application fee will be charged.



--High School Graduates All fully-matriculated high school

graduates without prior college experience are eligible for regular

admission. An official transcript of the student’s high school

academic record must be on file in the Admissions Office before

admission status will be determined.

--High School Equivalency Students who have successfully

completed the GED test or another high school equivalency

examination are eligible for regular admission. Documentation

of high school credit, including test subscores, must be on file in

the Admissions Office before admission status will be determined.


--Transfer Students transferring from other post-secondary

educational institutions are eligible for regular admission if in good

academic and financial standing at the schools previously attended.

College students transferring to Gogebic Community College from

other institutions must fulfill the same requirements of all incoming

students and follow the same procedures in applying for admission

as well as the following:

Official transcripts from all other colleges or universities

attended must be sent to the Admissions Office.

Grades lower than a “C” will not be accepted as transfer credit

to Gogebic Community College. GCC can assume no

responsibility, however, for the acceptance of such credits by

institutions to which students with advanced standing may

transfer later. At least 31 course credits, excluding physical

education, must be taken and completed at Gogebic

Community College for associate degree qualification.

An applicant accepted as a transfer student who was subject to

academic suspension will not be admitted to Gogebic

Community College until s/he can qualify for re-admission to

the institution from which s/he was dismissed, except with

permission of the Dean of Students.

--Re-Admission Students who have withdrawn from Gogebic

Community College for one semester or more may reapply for

admission to the college. If a student has attended another college, an

official transcript of all academic work must be on file in the

Admissions Office before re-admission status will be determined.

1. Former students who have voluntarily dropped out of Gogebic

Community College for one or more semesters and who were in good

standing must apply for readmission by completing an application

obtained from the Admissions Office or on the GCC website,

2. Former students who have been suspended from Gogebic

Community College for one semester or more must apply for

readmission by completing the Application for Admission. A

suspended student is required to make an appointment and meet

with the Dean of Students to discuss readmission.

3. Students who graduate from Gogebic Community College, and

plan to continue taking classes following graduation, need to complete

a program/major change form in the admissions office to update their

intent and program of study. If not completed by the first day of the

semester following graduation, their program of study will be updated

to ‘personal enrichment’ which could have financial aid implications.

Applicants seeking readmission should file their applications at least

one month prior to the semester of enrollment.

--International Student Applications International students must

fulfill the same requirements as all incoming students and follow the

same procedures in applying for admission, along with the following


1. Applicants must provide all documentation necessary for

completion of paperwork associated with U.S. Immigration and

Naturalization Service requirements.

2. A $100 non-refundable application fee must be submitted

with the official GCC Application for Admission.

3. Applicants must demonstrate an adequate English by taking

the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and attaining a

minimum score of 78 on the Internet Based Test (IBT).


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