Special Needs, TRiO Services, Parking, Career Center

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Special Needs, TRiO Services, Parking, Career Center independent study along with discovery, analysis, and team

inquiry. Honors courses help students develop and apply their

intellectual and creative abilities.


Services for students with special needs include a wide range

of support to GCC students with disabilities. Students requesting

accommodations must provide official documentation of the

disability. Support services are coordinated through the ACES

Center on the GCC campus.

Services include alternate testing locations, extended time on

tests, note takers, taped texts, and a variety of other auxiliary

services and aides as needed. The Director of Disability Services

also assists students with physical and program accessibility



The TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program is a

federally funded TRIO program that offers academic support

services and individualized resources to 160 eligible participants

each year. Students who apply to the SSS program and are eligible

may be entitled to the following academic services at no cost:

Supplemental academic advising

Career exploration & portfolio development

Cultural activities

Professional tutoring

Supplemental grant aid

Campus visits to transfer institutions

College survival workshops

CAR103 Career and Life Skills course (2 credits)

SSS advisory board membership

To qualify for the SSS program at GCC, students must declare

the following status: first generation student (neither parent has

received a four-year college degree; and/or meet specified income

guidelines (see a staff member for income guidelines); and/or be

an individual with a documented disability, such as a learning,

visual, hearing, psychological, mobility, or systemic disability that

limits one’s ability to participate in college.

Contact the SSS staff at 932-4231 ext. 271 for further

details and to obtain a program application.


Students occasionally experience situations where speaking

with a staff member in a confidential setting may be helpful. As

issues involving personal concerns, academic difficulties, social

problems, vocational indecision, or other matters arise, students

are encouraged to seek assistance from professional staff in the

Student Services Department. Referral assistance is also provided

to various community agencies for in- depth, ongoing personal



The Career Center assists students with their effort to clarify

employment goals and to find employment. GCC has a sincere

desire to provide students with productive career campaigns and

successful job placements; however, job placement cannot be

guaranteed. The final responsibility for initiating a job search and

acquiring a job remains with the student.


The functions of the Career Center are to:

1. provide career counseling and testing;

2. offer career exploration and development courses;

3. conduct employability skills seminars;

4. assist graduates in finding full-time, career-related jobs;

5. assist enrolled students in finding part-time jobs;

6. maintain placement credential files for graduating students;

7. provide employment outlook and salary information;

8. conduct annual follow-up surveys to assess alumni

placement and effectiveness of GCC’s training programs.

The Career Center, with staff assistance readily available, is a

resource that enables students to gain a better understanding of

various careers/occupations. Aptitude, academic, and interest

inventory testing can be arranged by request and need.

Computerized career assessment tools are frequently utilized to

assist students in resolving career selection issues.


Free parking is available in all campus lots except where

prohibited by signs. Parking is not permitted along roadways, on

lawn areas and walkways, or in such a way that obstructs traffic.

Violations are subject to ticketing or towing at the owners


All accidents occurring on campus must be reported to the

Maintenance Office located on the ground floor of the Kleimola

Technical Center.


This program is dedicated to the continuing development of

learning experiences for people of all ages. Complementing, but

separate from the college’s liberal arts and technical studies,

community service courses are special and constantly changing.

Offerings include seminars, short courses, lectures, workshops,

clinics, conferences, forums and informal meetings on timely and

diversified subjects led by college, community, regional and national

resource people.

Varying in length from a portion of one day to several weeks,

continuing education courses are geared to the interests of the

group being served. Some programs are an extension and enrichment

of traditional academic work. Some develop skills for occupational

improvement. Others focus on vocational interests, cultural pursuits,

health and family enrichment, community life, political issues, social

problems and self-improvement. All have the aim of advancing

everyday living for community residents and GCC students.



Since its establishment in fall 2009, Gogebic Community College's

Entrepreneurial Center for Collaboration, Innovation and

Development (GCC-ECID) has provided customized non-credit

professional development training and consulting to our local and

regional businesses and community members. Our goal is to create a

vibrant environment for the growth of innovation, business expertise

and entrepreneurial activities. If you or your organization have an

interest in customized professional development opportunities ranging

from short lunch and learn programs to full day sessions, contact Beth

Steiger at BethS@gogebic.edu to learn about our opportunities. We

look forward to partnering and supporting your success.


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