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History - Mission Statement - Philosophy - Purposes - Accreditation HISTORY

In 1930, an inspired group of school board members, school

administrators, and educationally minded citizens gathered to

shape the foundation for a junior community college in

Ironwood. With the approval and support of district citizens, the

Ironwood Junior College was first formed as part of the

Ironwood Public Schools in 1932. In 1965, the community

further endorsed the development of the Community College

District of Gogebic County.

As enrollment grew, the college was determined to replace

its facilities on the third floor of L.L. Wright High School

with a comprehensive campus. The City of Ironwood donated

150 acres near Mt. Zion, and with a gift of 90 acres and the

purchase of 20 additional acres, the campus site was established

in 1966.

The Rutger Erickson Academic Building was completed

and occupied in February, 1970. This general core academic

building was constructed to become a focal point for future

campus buildings. In the fall of 1973, the Carl Kleimola

Technical Center was built to accommodate GCC’s expanding

career programs.

In 1991, the Jacob Solin Center for Business Education was

constructed adjoining the existing campus buildings. The Solin

Center’s advanced multimedia systems and highly integrated

computer networks provide GCC students with leading-edge

learning experiences essential for success in an increasingly

technical work place.

The David G. Lindquist Student Center was opened in

1993, expanding educational, social, cultural, and recreational

opportunities for students and the community.

In 2006, Campus Suites student housing opened, adjacent

to the Lindquist Center. Accommodations are available for 96

students, with four students in each suite. Each suite contains a

full kitchen and bathroom.


Consistent with the belief that the community college is the most

readily available, and often the only avenue to higher education,

Gogebic Community College sets forth the following institutional



We are a bold community of learners dedicated to building

a better future in every endeavor, in every environment, in

every way.

8. To ensure guidance, counseling, advisement, and placement

services to meet the personal, academic, social, and career needs of



Gogebic Community College believes all individuals

should have opportunities to prepare for active participation in

the economic, domestic, political, aesthetic, and cultural

affairs of the communities in which they live. This

preparation includes:

1. The development of an increased ability to deal

intelligently with the responsibilities of living in a rapidly

changing global society.

1. To ensure the maintenance of appropriate post-secondary

educational programs that meet the changing educational needs of

students, community and society;

2. To ensure institutional leadership in the promotion and

support for economic development in the western region of the

Upper Peninsula;

3. To ensure a baccalaureate-oriented curricula suitable for

transfer to a four-year college or university;

4. To ensure occupational/career training for those students

who wish to prepare for immediate employment upon completion

of their program of study and for students who wish to upgrade

their skills or be retrained in new areas;

5. To ensure students the opportunity to participate in a

curriculum or in a sequence of developmental or advanced courses

consistent with his/her individual needs and abilities;

6. To ensure a general education component with a variety of

learning experiences within an academic framework;

7. To ensure continuing education/community service

opportunities by utilizing college resources through a cooperative

effort with individuals, civic groups, educational institutions and

other public or private organizations for specific benefit of the

citizens of the college district;

9. To ensure student educational achievement and growth

through appropriate, systematic, and periodic assessment;


Gogebic Community College is accredited by the Higher

Learning Commission. Our status of accreditation can be reviewed

by clicking on the word “accreditation” at the bottom of the GCC

home page, or by going to the following link:

https://gogebic.edu/about/accreditation.html. You can also find our

accreditation status on the Higher Learning Commission website.

Under find institutions, search for Gogebic Community College.

2. The development of techniques for self-criticism,

initiative, intellectual curiosity leading to a poised, well

rounded, and mentally, physical, and socially adjusted


3. The understanding that education is a life-long process

and that the techniques and skills acquired in learning how to

learn will be of life-long benefit.



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